Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Blood Lance by Jeri Westerson

Jeri Westerson
Release Date: Oct. 16, 2012
Minotaur Books
334 pages
In BLOOD LANCE, Jeri Westerson delivers the fifth fast-paced medieval noir mystery featuring Crispin Guest, a degraded knight reduced to earning a meager living in the mean streets of late 14th-century London as a tracker, finder of lost valuables. However much Crispin tries to stick to finding lost objects, murder and relics that some think are worth killing for will find him, or as it transpires in this novel, fall into the Thames before Crispin’s eyes.
Westerson’s characters come alive in a medieval London that I could see, hear, and touch in my imagination. Still clinging to the Chivalric code, Crispin is challenged to question these beliefs, and through his questioning, grows as a person. We also get to enjoy the developing relationship between Jack Tucker, a reformed cutpurse, who Crispin took in, mentored and taught to read English, Greek, and Latin. Jack is also growing both in character and literally. Now 14, he is experiencing his first bouts with puberty. Crispin has his hands full.
We even get to see a heart stopping joust that I found more exciting the reenactments I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person. Westerson’s description was so vivid that it was like I was the knight on the horse, feeling the impact of the lance as it struck. I won’t reveal more about the joust, but I hope you relish it as I did.
Jeri Westerson
I received an advanced digital copy of BLOOD LANCE for review.
Joan Szechtman


  1. It's on my list. I love these books. As you, it feels like there, walking the streets. Thank you for the review.