Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book-a-Fire Giveaway

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This Time starts moments before Richard III loses to Henry Tudor on  Bosworth Field near Leicester, England on August 22, 1485, when a team of Ricardians (people trying to restore the name and reputation of Richard III) substitute an armor clad corpse for the king and bring him into Portland, Oregon. Richard awakens August 21, 2004 to an alien world where even the English he speaks is different.

The story follows two parallel paths: the present where Richard must learn how to adjust to not only the technological advancements but also the more difficult cultural differences; and looking back at the past to solve some of the mysteries that have haunted and maligned his image for over 500 years.

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Loyalty Binds Me is the second book about Richard III in the 21st-century by award winning author, Joan Szechtman. It begins about a year after the first book of the series This Time ends. Richard has married a divorcee, adopted her two daughters, and with the help of his new wife, rescued his son Edward, who had predeceased him in the 15th-century. Richard has lived in the twenty-first century for two years, and his son has been with him for the past year. At the start of the novel, they have just arrived in London, when Richard is brought in by the Metropolitan Police for questioning about the alleged murder of Richard III's nephews in 1483. Richard must now find a way to clear his name and protect his family while concealing his true identity.
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