Sunday, November 27, 2016

THIS TIME second edition released on Amazon Kindle

The second (Kindle) edition of THIS TIME is live. It has been expanded to account for the discovery of Richard III's scoliosis (a side to side curvature of the the spine) when his remains were found in 2012. The first chapter of LOYALTY BINDS ME, the second book of the three book series, has been added to the end of first book.

If you've already bought the first kindle edition from Amazon, I believe you can replace your current edition with this update. Amazon used to automatically update the Kindle version, but no longer do so because bookmarks, notes, and highlights made in an earlier edition are wiped out with the update.

The new Kindle edition may be obtained at no cost through the matchbook program if you bought the paperback from Amazon. Updated paperback version coming soon. The second edition is now a 6" by 9" format, so the number of actual pages is less, but the number of words is approximately the same.

Link to Kindle edition on Amazon's US site.

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