Monday, July 8, 2013

Status: the 3rd book in the Richard III in the 21st-century

As many are aware, my third book has been delayed (working title: Strange Times). Although some probably have made an educated guess as to the reason, I figured I ought to provide some detail for this delay.
I’m planning on publishing digitally first, following with a print edition after about three months. The digital edition will be fully edited, but will be subject to correction depending on feedback. I don’t yet have an estimate for publication.
Even though I was over the moon when Richard III’s remains were found beneath a municipal parking lot in Leicester, UK, my third book, still a work in progress, suffered a set back. The three factors that contribute to my revising the book follow.

  1. Richard suffered from scoliosis—a condition I hadn’t considered because I had not found any contemporary evidence to support this abnormality. I intend to make Richard look more or less as he would have with the scoliosis for this book, but have no plans to revise the first two books except to write a forward acknowledging the discrepancy. It is my understanding from people I know who also have this condition, that the effects become more noticeable as the person ages, and for many, is not visible to others when the person is wearing normal street clothes. In addition, there are exercises that help alleviate pain caused by this condition.
  2. From the condition of the remains’ molars, Richard apparently ground his teeth. There was also evidence of decay. I had given him teeth that were in much better condition than they actually were. Here too, I plan on showing that he has work done on his teeth, and maybe gets an implant or two for teeth that he had pulled in his lifetime.
  3. I had tried to “not change history,” only speculating where things were unknown, such as with the fate of the princes. While I haven’t changed past history, my story does change present history. Half of the third book takes place in 2006, starting days after the end of the second book. When I had started the 3rd book, the search for Richard’s grave was in the beginning stages at most, and I didn’t have any knowledge of Philippa Langley’s research or know that she was to instigate this incredible find. Originally, I had planned on making finding Richard’s remains a significant plot point, but have decided to change it to a fictitious artifact now that that Richard’s remains have been found. 
For details on the actual research and dig, I encourage all to go to the Richard III Society channel on YouTube and watch the Leicester Grey Friars conference (9 videos).


  1. Damned archaeologists! How dare they mess up your plot line.

    Actually, most of us just accept your version of Richard as a possibility in some timeline. Many time travel stories account for differences using the theory of alternate timelines created each time the traveling occurs.

  2. Meredith WhitfordJuly 8, 2013 at 10:04 PM

    I've been unable to find a print publisher for "Treason" since Bewrite Books closed. Endeavour Press publish the e-book, so, given lack of interest from print publishers, I'm self-publishing the paperback -- have just paid the bill. I too had to take into account the evidence of Richard III's skeleton, but decided that nothing warranted changes to the book, other than a new ending to the author's note at the end. But I did think hard about it. Good luck to your new one.

  3. I've just discovered your books (I'm finishing the second) and I loved them. Thne idea of bringing Richard III in our time is wonderful and all your characters are so very well written. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered this was supposed to be a trilogy-- but then I checked the publications dates and I frowned as so much time has elapsed since the second one was published.
    A google search led me to this blog and the date of this post , July 2013, almost three years ago worried me even more.
    Will the 3rd book ever be published?
    Best regards,
    An enthusiastic but worried reader from Italy

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words about my books. Sorry for being such a slacker in maintaining this blog. I'm happy to say that the complete first draft of the third book, STRANGE TIMES, is currently under review. I hope to get it to a professional editor by July for publication by September.

    1. Oh, but this is wonderful! Thank you so much for the great news. I'll look forward to September then. :)
      BTW, I finished the second book, and I'm wondering if the third one with deal with the aftermath of the events happened in England. I'm really curious about how you will spin the tale next.
      Thank you so much for replying and for writing these lovely books.