Friday, May 11, 2012

Shouldn’t every day be Mother’s day?

Yes, but for commercial reasons, these holidays that appear on our calendar, whether we like it or not, tend to sucker us in. For better or worse, we all have moms, so who am I to go against the trend? Besides, my mom, who just celebrated her 94th birthday, deserves to be celebrated every day. The photo was taken at her 92nd birthday party.

When I was about ten, I had wanted to do something (I can’t remember what, but that isn’t important) that my mother vetoed. I asked her why she didn’t want me to do it to which she replied that if I had a good reason why she should let me, she would then agree to that activity. Her decision taught me to think things through to their possible consequences, to take responsibility for my decisions, and to lay out reason arguments. I also got to do a lot more things than if I had to rely on my mother’s judgment instead of my own.

Thanks mom.


  1. Our moms taught us such important things. Whether we wanted to learn them or not. Your mom looks like a great lady, Joan.

  2. Ah! Great pic of your mom, Joan! I agree - everyday should be Mother's Day!

  3. You go Mom, 94! That's great! She looks so cute.