Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nature's Sculpture

I go for a walk nearly every day that takes me on part of the "greenway" trail created from an old, discontinued railroad. The trail is flanked on either side by undeveloped land where a small river also courses; and even though the river overflows during heavy rains, there's enough undeveloped land to absorb the overflow. Everyone who walks the trail--and it seems as though much of the town does--is treated to a variety of wildlife. So, I wasn't too surprised at first to see what I thought was a hawk alighting on a dead tree stump. But the "hawk" didn't move as I approached. It was part of the tree stump! The photo on the left was taken with my cell phone. I brought a camera with me the next day to get a close up of the "sculpture" where you can see the state of the stump.

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