Friday, December 11, 2009

New Richard III blog added to list

I recently learned of the New South Wales chapter in Australia of the Richard III Society and have added their site to my blog list. You can explore their site here.

I'm a member of the American branch and am active in the New England chapter. We are going to have our annual holiday luncheon this Sunday at the Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts.

We Ricardians and others who are interested in that period of English history are scattered across the globe, many of us in remote places where access to resources is often difficult obtain.

While I'm not shy about my interest in Richard III, I find that it usually isn't the topic of conversation. So it's a great surprise when I learn that someone who I've known for months or even years is also a Ricardian.

Please feel free to leave a comment about your interest in Richard III and/or that period of history and let us know where you are from.


  1. The NSW Branch would like to welcome anyone who feels like dropping in.

    Enjoy your holiday luncheon. Hope you have a great time!

    Cheers, Dorothea (webmster NSW Branch)

  2. Joan,

    I tried to send an email to the address posted on your website, but it came back invalid.

    Also, I was enormously disappointed to learn that the local chapter of Ricardians is meeting TODAY at the Colonial. If only I'd known sooner...I'm in Malden, BTW

    Loved the book, can't wait for more.


  3. Hi Sheila,

    Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed reading my book. Writing it was a labor of love and it's a thrill to share my passion.

    I checked the email address I have posted and it works if you replace the (at) with an @ which makes it: I wrote it this way to prevent automated spiders from sending spam to that email.

    I don't have it listed on the New England site yet, but the next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 12pm at the Concord Free Public Library in Concord, MA.

    Anyone who is based in New England and has the time to drive to Concord, MA can send me an email to the address listed here and I'll forward it to the chapter's secretary and moderator.

  4. Great blog, Joan!
    Visit mine if you get a chance.

  5. loved the the book I asked for it for Christmas and had to control myself all day before I could start it!! but what happened to Mike?
    Can't wait for the next - I belong to RichardIII society here in London UK and go to their meetings.

  6. Judy,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Say hello to the folks at the meeting for me. I know some of the members and I've even met a couple personally.

    Since it's a spoiler for anyone whose reading my book and this blog, I won't divulge it here. Send an email to me at and I'll reply.