Friday, July 24, 2009

In the spirit of Mythbusting...

Apollo 11 Moon Landing really happened.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people in the conspiracy fringes hold that the 1969 moon landing never happened--it was all staged in a studio.

Nonsense! It really happened and is so well documented that it boggles my mind that about 6% of Americans think this glorious event was a hoax. So I'm pleased to share National Geographic's own Mythbusting article.


  1. I, myself find it hardto understand how any intelligent person could doubt the moon landing was real. This is especially true, since the US government put billions of dollars into the effort to get there, and there were a fair number of failures along the way. But the idea then was to "beat the Russians", so that's what they did. OTOH, people who believe these kinds of things won't change their minds, no matter how many articles like the National Geographic one come out. Their theories are basically airtight, and there is n o rational way you can pry them loose from their fantasies. I know. I have several friends and relatives who are "truthers", and then there are the current crop of "birthnutters" who doubt Obama is a US citizen. . . .
    Anne G

  2. Anne, I think articles like this on in National Geographic is more for those who are too young to have experienced the moment live and for those who may be on the fence because the "truthers" seem to have a logical explanation for their theory.