Friday, June 19, 2009

Deer in my back yard

I happened to look out my kitchen window the other day and saw this sight:

Deer from Kitchen Window 1
Deer eating leaves

(click on each thumbnail for full view)

I live about 15 miles north of New Haven, Connecticut and while there are some small farms, the town is pretty much a part of suburbia. But we do have our share of wild life. In addition to the deer population, there are coyotes, red fox, ground hogs, raccoons, opossum, kestrels, hawks, eagles, owls, and a variety of birds, which I'm crap at identifying beyond little yellow bird, little black and white bird, and the more readily identifiable crows, blue jays, and wood peckers.


  1. We live in a subdivision, but we have some deer that regularly come to snack out of our bird feeder. (Should just call it a a deer feeder.)

  2. We live in town so we don't get to see these sites -- sometimes I'd like to move out a bit so that I could!

  3. I live in the city of Seattle. And we have plenty of wildlife of all kinds, though I have never seen or heard of deer! Well, that's not quite true. Years ago, a deer wandered onto part of a local college campus. Crows, squirrels, and robins are ubiquitous. There is a robin nearby that sings every morning. And there are raccoons all over the place. Oh, and there are several packs of coyotes(yes, they form packs), who have made themselves quite comfortable in the heart of the city, again, including an area near where I live. One of them was seen lounging around in a local park. I've never seen any coyotes, but then, these smart critters do try to keep out of the human eye!
    Anne G